10 Financial To-Do’s for Today’s College Grads | Transaction Services

Summer is officially upon us, which means school is out! And for some, it’s permanent. Young people everywhere are celebrating this next big step toward their journey to adulthood. For some, this could mean landing a first real “big person” job or even moving out…solo! Whatever the case may be, having a sense of freedom can be pretty awesome. However, freedom also comes with a lot of responsibility. Financial responsibility, that is.

In an effort to help today’s new graduates get a running head start – and to help parents cheer them on from the sidelines – Carrie Schwab, President of the Charles Schwab Foundation, created a list of her Top 10 Financial To-Do’s. “They don’t all have to be accomplished right away but, once they become good money habits, they’ll help create an ongoing sense of both personal and financial,” she says.

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