Visa Rate Changes

UPDATE:  Visa had provided new guidance that the below changes will now be implemented on July 17, 2020.  Click here for more details.   Visa is announcing updates to U.S. credit interchange rates and related modifications that will be effective on Central Processing Date (CPD) 18 April 2020 and CPD 17 October 2020.  Please see…


Here Is How to Make the Best Possible Checkout Experience for Your Customers

A customer’s checkout experience is crucial. No matter how good the service was—or how much the customer ended up buying—if there is a breakdown during the checkout process, that’s the only thing that will likely be remembered. In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a frictionless customer experience or you will…

3 Ways Online Payments Are Changing How Businesses Function

3 Ways Online Payments Are Changing Business

The payments industry has seen numerous changes throughout the years, but it is the Internet that has brought about its most radical transformation. It is estimated that consumers will spend $385 billion on e-commerce throughout 2016. By 2020, this figure is likely to exceed 600 billion, and e-commerce and the advances in the online payments…