The Best Features of Today's POS Systems | Transaction Services

In the market for a point-of-sale solution? POS systems have come a long way in recent years. Check out some of the best features that today’s POS providers have to offer.

Next Day Funding

Steady cash flow helps retail businesses stay competitive. Receive your cut within a day after the customer pays.

Automated Recurring Payments

Say you run a small sailing club. For visitors who buy at the gift shop and tourists who rent boats for the day, payments are a one-time transaction. For members, however, monthly or yearly dues can be setup as a recurring transaction, saving time for you and the customer. The same goes for businesses who charge on a seasonal basis, such as wine clubs. Automated payments ensure that customers pay, whether or not they remember that they agreed months ago that an order would be processed for them. There is no need to keep credit card numbers on file either, as they are saved electronically in an encrypted format.

Mobile App Support

Payments from smartphonesare gaining ground. Customers love the simplicity of it, and it helps budget-conscious persons keep better track of their spending. If you run a coffee shop, you know how sometimes the line grows faster than your baristas can work. Mobile payments can shorten wait times, and you can also use them to offer promotions.


Merchant fees can affect the bottom line, especially when selling products with slim profit margins. Some businesses choose to pass those costs onto the customer, offering a cash price and a small percentage more to pay by card. This is a solution that organizations such as non-profits, municipalities and public school cafeterias especially favor, as it is secure and compliant with regulations.

Simple Integration

If you run a restaurant, you may already have systems in place for taking orders and processing them. Modern POS systems integrate well, minimizing the risk that a server forgets to collect funds before a customer hits the road.

Multiple Locations? Easy as Cake.

Say you run a grocery store chain with multiple locations spread across the state. You can check on all of your stores and manage them from a single application.

Centralized Reporting

Businesses are always in transition, and in an ever-changing marketplace, data and reporting tools can help fuel good decisions. Gain operational insight with built-in and custom analytics functionality.

Hosted Payment Gateway

Expanding your online market share? Make your site’s online checkout a breeze with a hosted payment gateway. Securely store customer info so they will not have to enter it every time they shop on your site.

Interchange PlusRates

Tiered and blended pricing often results in the company paying more merchant fees than they could otherwise avoid. The savings that come from interchange plus pricing make it a better business deal.

PCI Scope Reduction

Encryption and tokenization while processing cards makes PCI compliance as easy as can be. Avoid unnecessary costs and hassles that come from regulators who are doubtful about how your transactions are processed.

There are many features to make retail POS systems fast, easy and compliant. The more pleasant the transaction is for customers, the more likely they are to return and recommend your business to others.