centralized reporting

Every company should have a reporting system, but how centralized should your reporting system be? Determining the level at which your reporting tool should be centralized will depend on your business’s needs.

According to Piyanka Jain’s article on forbes.com, there are 5 questions that you should ask yourself when trying to figure out the level of centralization for your analytics tool.  The first question is are you invested deeply in your analytics, or do you have more of a consultant mindset? This question is important because the more centralized your reporting tool is, the less you will be involved in prioritizing projects as well as resource restraints. If you are heavily involved in your business and want to make these detailed decisions on your own, then you will most likely want a less centralized system.

Centralized reporting tools can make your work day a lot less stressful depending on your involvement and the level of centralization on your reporting tools.

Cick here to read the full article by Piyanka Jain at forbes.com.