Level Three Card Processing: What You Need To Know | Transaction Services

Identity theft is at an all-time high in this country. This crime costs your company money and delays the amount of time it takes to recoup funds that rightfully belong to you. When you want every credit card payment to be verified completely, you may see the advantage in using a Level Three card processing system. The advantages of this system are designed to ease the stress with taking credit cards as a payment option and also protect your customers from identity theft.

More Data Required for Processing

Unlike Level One and Two card processing, Level Three requires more data from merchants like you for approval. The system that verifies your payments demands information for each payment, such as the quantity of each item purchased, the item ID or SKU, the item’s description, both the unit and extended price, the unit of measure per item, the commodity code, and finally the line discount if applicable.

These details may seem extensive and even unnecessary in some cases. However, the payment processing system requires them to ensure that you get your money without the risk of having to refund it because of identity theft. This measure also protects customers whose credit cards may have been stolen and used fraudulently.

Efficiency of Payment Processing

Despite requiring an extensive amount of information from you for each credit card transaction, this Level of card processing proves to be more efficient in a number of ways. It actually takes the same if not less time to process payments successfully. It also is capable of saving buyer information for future purchases if desired.

This benefit means that your business is capable of serving more customers and also speeding up the pace of their future transactions. You make more money and garner customer favor in being able to serve them faster and more conveniently.


As attractive as the first two benefits sound, you may wonder what the overall cost will be when it comes to implementing a Level Three card processing system in your business. You may wonder if it is cheaper to install a Level One or Two system because of the amount of information that is required for each transaction. Will the equipment needed for inputting these details be cost effective?

Today’s Level Three card processing systems prove to be affordable and cost effective because of the technology utilized in them. Companies that offer this service can install such a system in little time and with less equipment required for older Level Three systems of the past. The amount of money that it costs you to install and implement the system now will be recovered when you are capable of serving more credit card paying customers faster and with better results.

Credit card payments are vital to your business. You can keep your costs low and profits secure by verifying each purchase made with a credit card with a Level Three card processing system.

This system is designed to protect your company and also the identity and security of your customers. Talk to  a trusted merchant service provider to discuss how you can implement this system and help grow your profits without the fear of payments being held or having to be refunded because of identity theft or fraudulent card use.