Transaction Services and CerTek Software Deliver Integrated Payments in Artisan POS

Transaction Services announced today that it was selected by CerTek Software to provide integrated payments for their leading retail solution – Artisan POS. With this new partnership, retail store owners and many other businesses will now have access to the highly efficient TRX payments solution, which will greatly improve processing speed and reduce data entry errors with direct processing via the TRX solution.

“As we hold our team internally to a standard of high-quality solutions and service, we also continuously look for great partners who have an excellent reputation among the customers that they serve,” remarked Scott Martin, CEO of Transaction Services. “Our entire team is thrilled to have been selected by CerTek in their efforts to bring seamless payment solutions to their customers with the integration of TRX processing.

With this integration, Artisan POS customers will be able to designate Transaction Services for their payment processing, which also provides real-time visibility into transactions and a variety of robust reports that help customers better manage their business. The Artisan POS solution helps retailers optimize their inventory in-store or online. This specialty retail POS solution was built to fit a wide range of retail operations, so it has the unique functions and features that owners need to grow their business.

About TRX

Transaction Services is a leading provider in payments with many decades of experience serving customers from their headquarters in Atlanta and offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The core platform is engineered to be technologically efficient and equally secure in handling all aspects of the payments cycle, while also delivering quick insights into transaction activity via their reporting dashboard and other tools. Visit to learn more.

About CerTek

CerTek offers a complete retail management solution, Artisan POS. CerTek specializes in making intuitive and easy-to-use software, while offering advanced features and sophistication that even the most technical user can appreciate. Visit to learn more.