Interchange: 2.30% + $0.10 EIRF stands for Electronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee. It is the Visa Interchange rate for a base card type credit transaction electronically authorized and settled without CPS compliance data elements or within 2 days of authorization. Electronically authorized and settled transaction without CPS compliance data elements. Transaction settled within 2 days of authorization.

Commercial Card Standard – Business Debit

Interchange: 2.95% + $0.10 Commercial Card Standard – Business Debit is a Visa Interchange Rate for a commercial debit card transaction. Change History: Introduced April 2012 Primary Qualifications: Commercial Card accepted at T&E location, transaction settled 3 or more days after authorization. Commercial Card accepted at a non-T&E location without additional data (customer code and/or…

Signature Preferred Standard

Interchange: 2.95% + $0.10 Signature Preferred Standard Interchange Reimbursement Fee is the Visa Interchange rate for signature rewards type credit transactions settled 3 or more days after authorization, accepted at a T&E location or at a non-T&E location and non-CPS Compliant Signature Preferred Card accepted at T&E location Transaction settled 3 or more days after authorization Accepted at…

Standard Assessment

Assessment: .11% The assessment applies to gross Visa transaction volume. Note: Effective January 2015, the assessment of gross Visa sales volume involving a credit transaction will increase 0.02% to 0.13%. The assessment for Visa debit volume will remain 0.11%